View this Web demonstration for a glimpse at Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale (POS) and how it can increase your business success. You will learn new ways to serve your customers more effectively, manage business performance, and keep pace with competitors with this powerful Point of Sale system.

Retail in action 7:24 min

Introduction 1:27 min

Superior User Experience 0:32 min

Getting Started 1:01 min

One Program, Two Views 0:40 min

Ringing up a Sale 2:30 min

Touch - Optimized 3:33 min

Roles 0:56 min

Fuels Business Productivity 1:52 min

Out of Stock Scenarios 5:11 min

Inventory Management 2:45 min

Matrix Items 5:15 min

Orders 1:35 min

Kits and Assemblies 1:48 min

Inventory Locations 1:28 min

Extensibility 1:18 min

Enables Confident Decision Making 0:58 min

Reporting 0:45 min

Auto Purchase via Sell-Through 0:59 min

Markdown/Clearance 1:17 min

Back Office Integration 0:37 min

Reasons 1:47 min

Fits with your Systems 1:04 min


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