Retail Point of Sale Software


Microsoft Retail POS Software provides small to midsize retailers an integrated retail Point of Sale solution which manages day to day operations. Microsoft RMS enables retailers to track inventory more efficiently and improve overall customer service. This powerful Point of Sale software is fully customizable for any type of retail operation at an affordable price.

Streamline retail business operations

Save time by integrating credit/debit card transactions at the POS

Make better informed decisions with accurate data and reporting

Connect multiple stores together

Reduce operating costs



Microsoft POS software solutions enable retailers to help manage inventory, control cash, improve customer service and reduce operational costs. Microsoft POS can be used in various retail business operations including a salon. A Salon POS System will enable your salon to keep all its customers in one place which helps keep appointment setting easier to manage. Microsoft POS solutions work with Microsoft Office and finance software such as Quickbooks and Microsoft Great Plains.

Streamline retail business operations

Track and manage inventory

Make better-informed business decisions

Increase sales

Build customer loyalty



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