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Retail POS Systems

At The POS Geeks, we strive to bring you the best Retail POS Systems and software available worldwide. We customize each Retail POS System to suite your retail business. Learn about our Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) Software and Microsoft Point of Sale (POS) software below and choose what’s best for your business model.

Our systems offer features such as inventory control, customer loyalty programs, in-house accounts, gift cards, and much more. One useful feature included in Microsoft RMS is the ability to control your inventory. This is a useful tool for retailers who sell items such as clothing or accessories with various colors and sizes. Streamline your clothing store and keep track of your inventory with an Apparel POS System. A small investment such as a retail point of sale system will help your business keep afloat and maximize profits.

Custom build your own Retail POS solution below or
Contact Us to design a POS System specifically for your needs.

If you have a multi-location business or need more than 4 terminals, please Contact Us for pricing or complete our Request a Quote form.


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