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Pizza POS System

To run a successful pizzeria, you need the ability to process orders as they come in and deliver orders out in a quick timely manner. Speed up your sales and streamline operations with POS Systems from The POS Geeks. Our Restaurant POS Systems offer all the tools you need to manage your pizzeria to stay on top of an extremely fast paced restaurant with a single integrated system. A useful feature used by many pizzerias is the ability to add a caller id system to the POS System. Once a call comes in to the restaurant, the Point of Sale System pops up the callerís phone number along with their previous order history making order entry much faster.

The POS Geeks also specialize in Cafe POS System solutions. Click below to build your custom POS System. If you have any questions, please call us at 1.877.987.4335 to help customize the perfect system.

Stand Alone
Restaurant POS Systems

Restaurant POS Systems

Starts at $2,649

Starts at $3,459

A Stand Alone unit has a computer case plus a separate touch screen monitor.

An All-in-one unit has a touch screen monitor and computer built in one unit.


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