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Restaurant POS Systems

Choosing a Restaurant POS System that’s tailored specific to your business is the most important step to any successful business. We provide Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) System solutions by SoftTouch Point of Sale. SoftTouch offers useful POS features such as inventory control, customer loyalty programs, in-house accounts, gift cards and much more.

We offer restaurant Point of Sale solutions for various eateries including bars and nightclubs. Bars tend to get loud and busy with orders coming in every second. To run a successful bar you need to serve your customers as quickly as possible. Our Bar POS System features an easy to use touch screen interface that processes transactions quickly which enables the bar tenders to attend to others in a timely manner. Our Restaurant POS System also can be used in an ice cream or frozen yogurt establishment. Speed up your service and process transactions quicker with a Frozen Yogurt POS System.

Custom build your own Restaurant POS solution below or
Contact Us to design a POS System specifically for your needs.

Stand Alone
Restaurant POS Systems

Restaurant POS Systems

Starts at $2,649

Starts at $3,459

A Stand Alone unit has a computer case plus a separate touch screen monitor.

An All-in-One unit has a touch screen monitor and computer built in one unit.


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