An Aberdeen Group Report

Independent retailers continue to be the destination of choice for more than 25 percent of consumers, despite an increase in competition from larger retailers. Family businesses, often passed down from generation to generation, continue to offer customer service and attention to detail that retail giants have long since abandoned in their quests to expand their selling square footage and appease independent analysts.

The new generation of independent retailers combine the intuitive understanding of their customers with hard data provided by computerized inventory management and control systems.

Having long since abandoned handwritten receipts for electronic cash registers, the independent retailer now turns to electronic point of sale (POS) systems to help gather the data needed for more educated buying and efficient use of cash.

This Aberdeen Group report analyzes the benefits gained by small retailers that choose computerized point of sale (POS) and inventory management systems versus traditional electronic cash register systems. Discussions with retailers and their systems providers helped Aberdeen determine business drivers, strategies employed to manage business challenges, and tactics and technologies enabling these retailers to execute those strategies effectively and efficiently.

Achieving Business Benefits from Point of Sale Systems


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