Wireless POS Systems

Mobility & remote order operations solution that allows restaurant personnel to spend more time with customers to keep them coming back. SoftTouch Wireless POS Systems, either handheld or a tablet PC, enable you to offer fast quality service to locations like pools and patios where wired terminals are impractical. They help speed up service in a busy bar as well. Even in the dining room, they quietly assist by enabling discreet order placement on the run, speeding up service.

The wireless tablet PC gives your servers the same wireless convenience of a handheld unit, along with the complete fully functional interface of a regular terminal. With handheld and wireless solutions, you can speed up order taking and fulfillment, and spend more time with guests. You can also increase sales during peak periods without loss of service quality. Vastly improve the productivity of servers working in far-flung parts of the property – after all, they’ll have the full menu right at their fingertips. Costs are reduced because there is no need for cable installation.

Wireless Handheld Solution


Small and lightweight

Attachable swipe card reader is available

Belt attachable mobile printer is available

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand

High mobility and speed for you, great service for your customers

Wireless Tablet Solution


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