Designed for full-service eateries, this patent pending self-pay kiosk increases table turnover, decreases labor costs and improves customer satisfaction by eliminating lengthy check-out delays. Additionally, it adds complete security for the customer because his credit card is never surrendered to the wait staff. Customers activate the unit with their loyalty key fob or SoftPay Self-Pay™ cards that are temporarily issued to the customer when they are seated at the table. The fully-integrated unit also allows pick-up customers to enter a phone number or use their loyalty key fob to self-pay and obtain a hardcopy receipt for order pickup.

View this Web demonstration for a glimpse at SoftTouch SoftPay and how it can increase your business success. You will learn new ways to serve your customers more effectively, manage business performance, and keep pace with competitors with this powerful self pay system.

SoftTouch SoftPay in action


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