Talon DVR is comprehensive digital video security that can be integrated with your Point of Sale system with advanced search capability and remote monitoring. A fully integrated POS system with Talon DVR gives you the freedom to remotely monitor your business without limits.

Stream live video to your laptop or Smartphone

Quickly find relevant events with video & transaction data

Notifies you of suspicious activity while it happens




Beyond video security, Talon DVR gives you the tools to manage your business without having to be there all the time. The power of the Talon DVR solution comes from the integration with your Point of Sale (POS) system. By integrating transaction data from the POS station into each camera's video stream, the video can be searched for relevant events. This helps you zoom in on shrink events without watching hours worth of video.

With operating costs increasing, the Talon DVR system is an investment in saving money by stopping the most common types of shrink. The system can help you detect and resolve problems quickly, giving you a higher chance of recovery. This saves you money that goes directly to the bottom line.

Many types of shrink are difficult to detect by nature. Many owners that install the Talon DVR system don't know that they have an on-going problem. Studies have shown that employee theft is a larger source of shrink than any other area. The Talon DVR system strengthens the audit trail that is put in place by your POS system making it more difficult to by-pass.

If you have multiple locations, you know the challenges associated with off-site management. Ensure the high quality of service by using the video system to review staffing levels, verify time clock entries and enforce service policies. The Talon system grows with you allowing you to view and search one location or many locations.

The two sample images below show a bar tender preparing drinks, but only the image with POS integration can show if the bar tender charged for the right drink. Over pours, under pours, brand switching and "sweethearting" can adversely effect the profitability of your business. Talon DVR with POS integration and text overlay can help stop shrink!

Simulated image without POS Integration

Simulated image with POS Integration & Overlay

Talon DVR can help enforce store policies that prohibit employees from entering or exiting from rear fire doors. With Priority Event Notification, the system can sense activity in problem areas and notify you in real time. Don't wait until it's too late, detect problems as they occur for the best chance of recovering property & reducing shrink.

Talon DVR can help enforce The optional Talon Integrated Archive System provides automated video archiving on the Talon DVR server using hot-swap hard drives. Since the backups are going to standard hard drives, the archives are fast, secure & relatively inexpensive. With the Talon IAS option, the archival video storage capacity of the server is virtually unlimited.

With WebView from Talon DVR live video is always at hand. Using your Smartphone or PDA, get the freedom to manage & monitor your business from where you are. Watch the action live or search archived video.

WebView is also available from your Internet browser. There's no special software required to view & search video from any PC with Internet Explorer and an Internet connection making the Talon web client available virtually everywhere!

Below are some of the key features of Talon DVR:

Reduce shrink

Prevent theft/vandalism

End sweetheart deals

Monitor live video remotely

Minimize liability

Deter credit card fraud

Verify void & no-sale transactions

Detect employee theft

Review staffing levels

Check customer service processes

Stop 'faked-accident' lawsuits

Verify time clock entries

View multiple locations

Document staff disciplinary issues

Below are some of the cameras used with Talon DVR:

IR Bullet

Varifocal Dome

Vandal Proof






PTZ Speed Dome


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