Tijuana Taxi Goes High-Tech with SoftTouch SoftCall™

Coral Springs, FL, April 7, 2008

Tijuana Taxi serves up their world famous Mexican and southwest cuisine faster than ever with the SoftTouch SoftCall™ system. Customers get instant service at the touch of a button. Each table has a small wireless device with three buttons: Page Server, Drink Refill and Check Request. “Our customers love it,” says Jessica Costa owner and operator of Tijuana Taxi, “When a customer needs instant service, they push one of the buttons and the wait staff responds.”

SoftCall™ push-for-service empowers customers by giving them greater control of their dining experience at this casual eatery. “Even the most attentive server can’t be in two places at one time; this technology makes good servers even better by giving them instant awareness of their customers’ needs,” adds Jessica.

SoftCall™ integrates Long Range Systems’ alphanumeric pagers and their Table Genie wireless push-for-service devices directly into the POS system. For example, when a customer presses the Drink Refill button, the server gets a text message with the table number and all of the drinks currently being served; this allows the server to bring drink refills without querying the customer first.

This wireless technology also fully integrates with the SoftTouch INFORM™ (Intelligent Notifications For Operations Real-time Management) technology, which is designed to improve workflow performance and customer satisfaction by sending real-time communications to servers and management.


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