SoftTouch, LLC Redefines Fast Access to POS Workstations

Margate, FL, May 1, 2007

The wait staff at City Pizza in West Palm Beach’s City Place plaza thought it was a trick when SoftTouch POS director Steve Baron demonstrated a POS terminal that automatically logged him in without ever touching the screen or swiping a card.

“It’s no trick,” says owner, Larry Jacobi, “You just put your hand near the computer and it knows who you are.”

The secret to SoftTouch Touchless Sign-on™ is a patent pending wireless solution that detects an RFID wristband and automatically logs the wearer into the POS workstation as their hand moves toward the screen.

Says Jacobi, “This is great because the servers were always wearing out the swipe card readers with their ID cards. It’s much faster than trying to swipe the ID card and the servers love it. It saves a lot of time.”

SoftTouch POS provides similar functionality for their customer rewards solution by issuing miniature key fobs to loyalty patrons. When patrons enter the restaurant they scan their key fob at the hostess station and they are automatically added to the waiting list along with their seating preferences and order history information.


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